Best friends, sisters, childhood confidants, your bridesmaids are ladies from all walks of your life! And they are standing next to you while you embark on this new chapter!

Here are some awesome ideas for your bridesmaids pictures wearing our infinity dresses!

1.Well, it is the 21st century after all..

2. We’re not sure how many tries this took, but these are still awesome pictures! What a bright happy photo the yellow infinity dresses make.

3. Whoever came up with this picture is incredibly inventive!

4. We are in LOVE with this picture – our bright purple infinity dress

5. Just a couple of best friends, having the time of their lives. The soft pink infinity dresses are such a classic.


6. Classic & effective – the formal photos.

7. Perfect way to incorporate how you met your maids! – Evidence from the scene of the crime 🙂

8. Let the accessories do the talking. Add brooches to bling up your infinity dress.


9. Sisterhood at it’s finest.

10. Just crazy awesome – black infinity mini dresses.

11. Throw your hands in the air! We’re obsessed with this sophisticated mix of off-white and charcoal infinity dresses.

12. We’ve all been there..!

13. Don’t forget the little ones – flower girl infinity dresses and tutu’s. Super cute deluxe!

14. Remember not to take the day too seriously!

15. What a great reaction shot! Coral infinity dresses are so timeless and fun.

16. You don’t need a ton of bridesmaids, just the ones that mean the most to you

17. They’re here to help!

18. Can you feel the love!? Graceful photo with light grey infinity dresses.


19. Just remember to have fun!

They have been there for you every step of the way, after all.