It’s a type of color between hot and cool, red and blue. It gives a feeling as though it is between the heat of fire and the coldness of ice. If purple was a smell, it would smell like burning wood that’s floating on top of the ocean.

Purple is a great color for a wedding. Known as the color of royalty, purple is both captivating and luxurious, adding a touch of mystery.








Bright, elegant and mysterious, purple has many appearances and is incredibly versatile. No matter which shade, purple bridesmaid dresses are always great choice.









From lush lilacs, to deeper violet tones, purple infinity bridesmaid dresses suits all seasons and flatters all skin tones – and the best news is our convertible dresses suits all body types!

Lavender, lilac, violet, amethyst and mulberry hues. Purple is a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses, which can look pretty, chic and totally sophisticated.














With so many style options, and without sacrificing elegance or functionality, these twist wrap purple infinity dresses are perfect for formal and casual weddings at any destination!

Light Purple: Romantic & Dolce
Lilac and lavender,  great for outdoor weddings such as beach or countryside venues.

Deep Purple: Royal & Noble
Great for formal weddings