Keeping up with wedding colour trends can be quite a task. Our convertible dress possibilities are endless when it comes to shades, tones and complimenting colours. We offer over 300 infinity dress colours.

If you are stuck for a little bit of inspiration, check out our predicted wedding infinity colour trends for 2019.

Green fit for royalty

On the 19th May 2018, Meghan Markle had a simple palette of white and green surrounded the ceremony, offering purity and elegance.

Looking at the professional photos from that day, it’s not hard to see why green has become THE colour for 2019 weddings.

If you want the rustic effect, wooden accessories look great with your infinity dresses, allowing you to bring the outdoors in with twigs, tree stumps and rustic crates as part of your décor.

Add glamour with flashes of sparkle and gold, whether it’s part of centre pieces or in the bridesmaid dresses. The perfect way to add an extra feminine touch.

If you wanted to add more colour, pastel shades would be idyllic. Blush and lemon offers a refreshing splash, keeping it simple but effective.

Colours of paradise

Beach wedding? The amazing thing about nature is that colours can come together offering the most glorious effect.

Mix all sorts of tropical colours from vibrant pinks to stunning oranges, deep greens to striking blues.

These colours can brighten any space, giving your wedding theme that extra excitement and drama.

If you are a bit of a traveller, it’s also a great way to incorporate a touch of the wanderlust feel, promoting the beautiful colours of your travels and the natural sunsets that you have enjoyed.


Purple Hues

Purple is classic and never goes out of style. Its various shades may edge in and out of popularity, but the colours itself stays a firm favourite for infinity bridesmaid dresses.

This year we have seen an increase in infinity dress colours as a single colour theme, violet and lilac weddings being one of them. Moving into 2019 however, we can see a trend towards various shades of a single colour being more popular.

Have a look at violets, lilacs, magentas, heater and grape, to really add depth into floral arrangements and wedding décor.

Blue and blush

Paler, pastel shades are so subtle and adds an angelic charm to your wedding.

These shades can sweep across your invites, flowers, table centre pieces and bridesmaid dresses, creating a world of calm.

Other pastel shades can be incorporated into the theme but keeping it to just two shades can be truly stunning.

Taking your blue to a navy, helps add a pop of colour to your day, offering the blush a contrasting colour to stand out against.

Navy bridesmaid dresses allow you to keep your wedding accessories and décor simple and delicate, yet still maintaining that element of opulence, glamour and sophistication.

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